Calcium’s Plot Generator

So I saw one of these and it looked nice, so yeah!
If you’re stuck and need a plot, I’m here.
Just tell me a few things you want it to have!
(it this doesnt do well pretend it didnt happen :sparkles:)

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Plot away! I’m up for anything lol

Yaaaas what plots do you have! :smiley:

single while everyone else is in love, MC will do anything to get all of these boys head over heels for her, to the point where she’ll change her look completely and sabotage all couples that she can.

MC’s best friend was dead or so she thought. When MC suddenly meets her thought to be dead best friend in her new identity, MC runs away with her and also changes her identity. This story would show the adventures of the MC and her best friend’s escape into their new lifes.

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I love it!

Totally one for some complex branching :joy::grin:

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