Calico.Episode NEW outline contest!

For those of you who were following my last thread where I showed you my latest outline which I have completed for my story cover, I had been considering holding an outline contest for that exact outline to see what you guys come up with!

Here are your entry rules:
Please read them all.

  1. You have until October 1st to complete.
  2. You must not use the finished artwork for personal use as the outline is a cover for my story.
  3. If you have Instagram, please follow @calico.episode, upload your entry and tag me in the caption and the photo.
  4. Do NOT remove the watermark.
  5. You can make simple changes, the outline is clothesless so you have free reign on which outfits you would like to design.

1st Prize - An Art Scene or Small & Large cover of your choice in INK style. A shoutout and share of your entry on my Insta.
2nd Prize - An Ink Style profile picture.

Here is your outline.



I did the last one is the last contest over

Nope, we have two going at once!

The other contest closes on Saturday :slight_smile: this one is a bit more complex so I wanted to allow more time :slight_smile:

I’ll apply and your outline is so freaking gorgeous omg.

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Doooonnnneeee :grin::grin:

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Here are some people i think might be intrigued (I myself might participate as well)


sure I’ll do it cass

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@Cassandra_Dean dear Thanks for the tag but Sorry I can’t participate any art contest atm as I’ve to finish pending requests :frowning:

Oh yes, that right… Worth a shot :grin:

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:heart: :heart:

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