Calista's Color In Art Shop

Hi! Welcome to my color in art shop! Here’s how everything works, I color in outlines of the characters you want for your art scene/cover/splash/etc. Be sure when it comes to requesting, you have all of these items listed down below:

  • The outline of your art
  • Character details (meaning skin tone, hair/eye brow color, eye color, lip color)

When it comes to requests, I can only take 3 at a time. Due to my social life, it may take some time. I’ll be sure to put up a list of who goes next.

As much as I want everyone to be happy, there are rules you must follow:

  • please be kind towards me, I’ll be gladly to change any details that you are not satisfied with!
  • no cursing! There are better words to use and I strongly believe that saying harsh words is unnecessary!
  • when it comes to adding your at into your story, be sure to credit the outline artist (if it’s you that made the outline then just ignore this one)
  • you can credit me by “follow Mystical Moonlight on Episode!”

Currently working on:

Waiting List:


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Oh Okay! Thank you so much! I could gladly color in something for you whenever! Also again, thank you for letting me know! I feel so stupid! :sweat_smile:


happy to help, and thank you for the offer.


oh okay!

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Hey I have an outline and I have many of them so I can’t decide and I so glad I saw this post.

This is my outline

Girl eye deep blue
Guy is deep yellow
Thankuu soo much


Hey! Of course! I’ll PM you if I have any questions!