Callie’s edit shop

Hello! My name is Callie I don’t make professional edits but I still make them the rules are (1). You must be respectful to me and everyone else (2). Please be patient! It takes time to make edits! Some days when I’m not busy it will only take a couple hours, but other days it may take longer (3). If you put it on Instagram etc. you have to tag me! My instagram is @love_4_writing.episode (4). Use the password cupcake :slightly_smiling_face:
(5). These are edits not art scenes (6). If you want a cover tell me before I start! here are a couple examples

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i dont think it did uplode the pictures

Yeah not yet it’s taking it’s precious time :joy:

they upload quicker

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Original closed. Refer to newest: Cals art thread edits, covers, overlays, and more!