Callie’s splash contest 🙊

Okay so I’ve decided ima write my first ll story I’m not releasing too much info but I will tell you the needed info okie but first the rules :nerd_face:


1). No drama please

2). Four winners!!! 3). Must stay in the theme (will be explained later :woozy_face:) 4). Don’t be mad if I don’t pick you :sneezing_face:

5). No stealing or tracing!

6). Don’t add words to the splash I will be adding them

7). I need a intro, outro, musics and sounds, and mature themes splash

8). You can enter only three times!

9). Deadline June 7th

I think that’s all :woozy_face:

Okay so some info the story is a fantasy story the female is a witch/wolf both are very cold people the female has a nose stud the tattoos they have are important to the story! The necklace the female has is also very crucial to the story please include both the tattoos and necklace or else it will be disqualified sadly but if you’ve been disqualified over this you may renter/fix the edit :nerd_face::woozy_face: Prizes!!! Before we get to places I would like to say that there will be four edits chosen to go into the story so for all places your edit will be in my story

1st place

An edit, a pfp, you’ll be in my story!, and you’ll get my skin palettes ll or ink :woozy_face:

2nd place

And edit up to four people, a pfp, a part in my story, and you’ll get a few overlays you can choose between one for and edit or story

3rd place

An edit up to two people, a pfp, a part in my story, and I’ll make you some backgrounds :woozy_face:

4th place

An edit one person only :sneezing_face::sneezing_face:, a pfp, a part in my story, and an head outline :woozy_face:

Good luck and please don’t let this flop :joy::joy: DEADLINE IS JUNE 7TH
Character details

Please don’t steal these tags they’re my friends :woozy_face:

@Bumblebree @xetic @Em546 @Mouse.Episode @Linlin330 @Epiexpert @Silver_Shadow @SASB @TyLo @Sinful_Peches @Bridi @Amiraa @AnimeOtome let me know if I missed you :kissing_heart:


Ohhh I’ll join :heart: love you boo

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Love chu more and thank chu

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I’ll definitely join B!!! :blue_heart::kissing_heart:

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Thank chu boo :kissing_heart::woozy_face::sneezing_face:

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Definitely joining!!

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Yeeyee :woozy_face::woozy_face::heart:

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I’ll see if i can find the time!

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Yeeyee okay :heart::nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:

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I’ll try my best

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So amazing

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So ru hun

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I’ll definitely join!:heart:

does it had to be drawn?

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Okay :nerd_face::nerd_face::heart:

and no

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