Calling a friend Overlay

Hey guys! I need an overlay so you can see two characters calling to each other
Normally I do it like this:
CHARACTER (animation)
says something
Talks back

But I saw that someone did two background in on and I assume that that’s a overlay, can you help me out?


Do you mean something like this?

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Yeah that’s the one! Where can you find them, or do you know someone that can give them to me? I would appreciate it! :heart: :pleading_face:

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Hey, I can help if you want! I don’t know the exact coding but I’m just gonna share with you what I know…

@CHARACTER1 stands at … and CHARACTER1 is …
Then whatever things or animations you’d like the character to do.
Background (Which I can make for you)
@transition curtain_up (or something like that) in s.
@CHARACTER1 stands … (eg-screen left) and CHARACTER1 is anycallinganimation

@CHARACTER2 stands … (eg-screen right) and CHARACTER2 is anycallinganimation

Okay now the background you’d like the characters to have when there’s a call needs to be made. For that Just give me the backgrounds the two characters are gonna have, and I’ll merge them for you.

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Thank you so freaking much! I love you girl!

this is the first one, (left side)

this is the second one (right side)

You’re a lifesafer! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Here it is…

Tysm :heart:
You are the best! :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I made it, you’re free to use it if you’d like!! - you don’t need to credit btw enjoy!

edit - oop, you can still keep the one i made if you’d like lol

This is solved, @nick

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Closed: Marked as solved by thread op :v: