👽 Calling all aliens! 👽

Hey everyone

If you clicked on this thread it may means that you’re interested in aliens, so you’re on the right place!

Some friends of mine and I are doing a sci-fi short story contest and everyone is welcome to participate!

👽 Why are we doing this?

Currently Episode lacks a sci-fi genre; the main reason for this is because there isn’t enough demand. Our aim is to increase the stories on the app in order to increase the demand!

👽 What are the requirements?

Anyone is welcome to participate regardless of the number of reads!
Your story must be a short story (3 episodes minimum and 5 episodes maximum);
Your story must be a sci-fi and it must have “scifi” on the title. Example: SCIFI: My alien story;
Any subgenres are welcome but the main genre must be scifi.

👽 What are the prizes?

There will be 2 first places, a second one and a third one!

Deadline: December 28th

Let me know if you have any questions or if youll participate!

Follow us on Instagram for more information, sneak peeks and to discover the readers involved in this initiative! @zey.episode; @deliriumcupcake.epi; @schwarzproductionz; @bellerose.creates; @the_epinterartist; @ananya.episode; @gerkin.episode; @kennedychaseedits


So excited to see this! Go sci-fi :clap:t2:

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Why don’t you enter as well? :smiling_imp:


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@ImAnAlien :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


I’ve been summoned :eyes:


Bro, this thread had me worried.

I went “Frick, someone found out I’m extraterrestrial…”

But, uh, glad it’s just a story contest. :grimacing: :sweat_smile: If I have time, I’ll definitely enter!


You may want to participate :eyes:


Fellow aliens don’t expose each other :relieved:

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A little busy with school, but I can try! This sounds interesting :eyes:


bump :))

this sounds like a lot of fun; hopefully, i can find time :))

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Yay :pleading_face::point_right::point_left: