Calling all art editors and artists! in need of art covers for my story bad girl!

Hello fellow Episodians,

I’m opening an opportunity for art covers for my mafia story, Bad Girl on the Episode Interactive app. I would like covers for small, large, intro, and out-tro positions for my story. I will credit you on my Instagram page of your work and the best ones will be used for my story.


The theme of the covers must be MAFIA vibes and the background must be dark (preferably night time) in any place as longest it’s dark. The main colors i prefer for title wise is anywhere from black, dark red, maroon, blood red. Also, my name “Giavanni” must be applied for the small covers only. As for large, intro, and out-tro covers doesn’t have to have my name on them. Lastly characters must have weapons on them (for example: guns) since it is a Mafia story.

Lastly, I have downloaded my small cover of my story that’s currently on use for Bad Girl. To give you guys an idea of what I mean by Mafia vibes. ALSO, one more important detail about the two main characters of the story. The outfits must remain the same ESPECIALLY for the female character, for it’s her main outfit as an assassin that she is. You may enhance it and add little details to the outfit here and there if you’d like as longest it’s the same outfit. However, for the guy character you can play with outfits as longest it’s dark and bad boy style.

Here’s a brief summary of the story Bad Girl, so you can get a feel of what the plot is about:
Gia, a assassin who’s mission is to take down the youngest mafia leader known to gain freedom! Let the mission begin.

For characters details, please check out my Instagram page @Giavanni.stories
They’re on my bio under “BadGirl details”.

THANK YOU! for any further questions. You can contact me on my Instagram page. I really hope some of you talented artists join my little opportunity. I can’t wait to see your guys creations.
Deadline: MAY 5, 2018.

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I can do this. Please go to my thread,

Amani and Diva’s art studio! Splashes, covers, AND edits.