Calling ALL Artists !!

Hey guys! My name is Myana.
I have a bit of a problem. I’m going to be publishing the first chapter of my story So Last Season but I don’t have a cover or a banner. I don’t have any professional editing-ware like Photoshop or Paint Tool Sai or anything like that.
I, as a fellow artist (however my medium is paper), understand that art and edits take time and thought and consideration, however If ANYONE is willing to make a cover and/or banner (art or edit) for free I would be most grateful. Here is some information about my story below and DM me if you are interested or have any additional questions.

So Last Season

Allie Brandt has an all around perfect life. That all changes when the new girl moves into town. Allie has gone from it girl to so last season! Something is definitely off…

romance, drama, mystery, comedy

DM me for character information.

Thanks a lot if you’re interested in helping! I’ll be 100% sure to credit where it is due.

~Myana Jade

I just wanted to say that I already have someone making me a cover (thank you so much, by the way!) and all I need is a banner if anyone is interested?

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That’s so nice and considerate, and I feel like a lot of people don’t understand that :slight_smile: Just so you know, there are plenty of artists on here who I’m sure will be more than happy to do art for you so I wouldn’t worry if I were you :wink: Good luck with your story!

I could help you if you still need it done

Hello! Do you edit or draw?

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I can draw and edit