Calling All Australians 🇦🇺


Is that you?




They play it in qld to, but it’s not as big there as it is here in WA or vic


I honestly thought it was played everywhere and I just had to google it to see where the teams are :rofl:. Shows how much I know.


Hi lovelies


Morning :smile:


How are we all?



I hate mornings especially Mondays, I hate sch00l


I love Mondays they go so fast, except today is going so slow I couldn’t sleep went to bed at 3:30am woke up at 6:30am I am so tired


on Saturday I had a sleepover with my besties and we pulled an all nighter, we watched hush (please dont watch, is scary as hell) and screamed so loud all of her siblings woke up. I’m talking 8 people…


I started watching it, but I don’t know if it was because I had a headache I couldn’t get into it so i stopped it half way (my sister said it was good)


heh yea it was good


is it just me or have some people on the new “update post” gone a little overboard, they are so negative.


What’s the new update? I keep seeing people talk about it… Is it the feed thing?


It was tattoos for males, moles and some business jackets for women.
But since there was no update last week a lot of people were… disappointed.


OH!!! THAT… I sort of try to avoid commenting/tracking the update topics now lol


Like everyone one disappointed, I was still happy we got something. But certain people harping on and on it’s getting them no where its just making that thread really negative. I feel like its the same people who harp on and on about everything.


I can understand their disappointment but they’re just dragging it on unnecessarily and aggressively attacking everyone lol


Smart. Against my better judgement I got involved yesterday lol :rofl:.
But myself and a few others ended up in a group chat and really, we actually all have similar opinions/views (for the most part). I’m a very neutral person. I hate conflict. But I think some people feel that the best way for them to get their point across is to be vocal and make their disappointment known. That actually doesn’t bother me, but I agree that some people word things better than others and some people just come across as aggressive. My biggest issue is that I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you don’t agree with someone’s opinion, you should at least respect it and sometimes it does feel like some people (on both sides of any argument), don’t respect the other side.


Yes, that’s been my main reason for avoiding it. Honestly, I’ve agreed with points from both sides of the argument (from what I’ve actually seen), but it does kind of feel like it’s an argument and not a discussion, so that’s why I’m not getting involved. Same was the case with the debate about contests when the results for H&V were announced