Calling All Australians 🇦🇺


Just showed my boyfriend a bunch of cilantro/coriander. “That’s cilantro but the seeds are coriander seeds.”


See, why do non-Aussie’s always got to over complicate things? :laughing:


Haha i don’t get that either! it baffles me


While looking for a full time job, I first worked in retail when I worked in Canada. I used to greet people like “How ya goin?” The other staff member was like "that’s not a thing? Do you mean to say “How are you doing?” " :rofl:
How ya goin’ = 4 syllables (or 3 depending on how you say goin’)
How are you doing = 5. Too much effort


ahh we’re doing a secret santa and my friend got her person those $2 25 gram Nutella jars from Coles cos he’s always talking about how much he loves the stuff :joy:


Nutella is delicious!


They hould’ve gotten those custom ones you can get a name on!


but this is just adorable :heart_eyes:


Omg it is soo tiny and delicous looking!


Gah, I love this thread sooo much!!


How did i just find this thread today?


… I don’t know but is an amazing thread!!! lmaooo yeep!


How did you? Did you do a search for it or?


I just saw it on someone’s profile when i was doing my daily stalking :wink:


HAHAHA! :face_with_monocle:


I would love just one update where certain people don’t make it about “culture”.

Australian Episode Idea

We (all us Aussies on this thread) all do a massive collaboration on the app, we will call it “Bogans”.

The MC would be Shazza.

The love interest would be Kev or Trev or Wayne or Shane or something along those lines.

The plot? I didn’t think that far ahead, but definitely something to do with Shazza fighting off all the killer animals we have! Have multiple endings, she could die by croc, jellyfish or a kangaroo could just knock her out.

Thoughts? :grin:


Shazza and… Wayne. So we have Shazza and Wazza.

If my timing is correct, it would be pretty early Saturday morning. Still drunk?


Oooh, we’d need to think of a ship name :smile:

Pfft, nearly 10am… Is that early? side note: omg I have a reputation


Ah I forgot about daylight savings. Still it’s pretty early to be coming up with story ideas involving bogans and killer jellyfish.

Lol Australians have a reputation. When I lived in Canada I constantly got “You’re Australian and you barely drink?”