Calling All Australians 🇦🇺


Just showed my boyfriend a bunch of cilantro/coriander. “That’s cilantro but the seeds are coriander seeds.”


See, why do non-Aussie’s always got to over complicate things? :laughing:


Haha i don’t get that either! it baffles me


While looking for a full time job, I first worked in retail when I worked in Canada. I used to greet people like “How ya goin?” The other staff member was like "that’s not a thing? Do you mean to say “How are you doing?” " :rofl:
How ya goin’ = 4 syllables (or 3 depending on how you say goin’)
How are you doing = 5. Too much effort


ahh we’re doing a secret santa and my friend got her person those $2 25 gram Nutella jars from Coles cos he’s always talking about how much he loves the stuff :joy:


Nutella is delicious!


They hould’ve gotten those custom ones you can get a name on!


but this is just adorable :heart_eyes:


Omg it is soo tiny and delicous looking!


Gah, I love this thread sooo much!!


How did i just find this thread today?


… I don’t know but is an amazing thread!!! lmaooo yeep!


How did you? Did you do a search for it or?


I just saw it on someone’s profile when i was doing my daily stalking :wink:


HAHAHA! :face_with_monocle:


I would love just one update where certain people don’t make it about “culture”.