Calling all british forumers

I’m taking a tour of England for the next 2 weeks!

I’m currently in Brighton.

Now, I’ve been to seven cities in England before, but I didn’t really see much of them…

Where should I go in Brighton? Please tell me any places to visit that I would like!
My next stop is London.

Thanks for your help, you polite, tea lovers :wink:




I don’t think I qualify… I hate tea :nauseated_face:


well, as long as you’re english, you count!

i love english tea!

Haha… well in Brighton there’s the the pier, and the lanes… Aquarium (sea life center) :slight_smile:

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I’ll be sure to check those out, thank you! where are you from?

I’m not that far from there

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go to Wembley, a nice country side place, Harrods in london, bicester village (outlet), kent, oxford, bath, york


you lost me here:

bicester village is an outlet where you can get designers chaper, it has really nice food and a good variety of shops, here is the web for it

Kent , oxford, bath and york are all places

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ohhhhhh lmao i’m dumb

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haha but all the places i listed are great places you should defo visit.

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never been outside of london so idk. but when u get to london make sure to visit camden market & shepherds bush. (bring penty money with ya) also if u come to the west u may find roadman boys and stuck up gals around 3:15-3:30 +

just a warning :wink:

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oooh sounds exciting! i’ve been to london twice already but i haven’t been to those places! looking forward to it! Thanks!

np. also madame tussauds u can see famous ppl made of wax


I’ve been there!

Newcastle, I always go there (I live in a town nearby) the people (or the geordies you coud say) have the best personalities and the food there is too die for. Then you have the metro, and it is very diverse… tip go to China town for some bubble tea.

oh damn, Queen Elizabeth would be ashamed. :laughing: Just joking, but I love my tea.

thanks for the suggestion. i’ve been to newcastle before it’s so pretty at night time when the bridge…i forgot its name…is all lit up

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