Calling all editors and artists!



My name I Victoria Smith and I am working on a story but I need someone who can make a large and a small cover for my new story. The title is Wallflower. It’s about a girl who has trouble being in the spotlight and rather be off to herself hoping to not be noticed. My idea was a floral wallpaper with a girl with long hair outlined in black or white. I hope I can get some help on this. Thanks :sparkling_heart:


I think I could help you out.


Yes @Kalizzza be amazing!


I can try. But it wont be don’t til later today or tomorrow.


Episode Creativity can!


That would be amazing! I don’t know if I described the imagery well enough but the girl doesn’t need to be colored because the she will blend in the to floral background


That would be fine


Hi I could help as well


Ok what does the girl look like?
U basically need a outline on a floral background


Episode harmony can

@Killerfrost and @Kalizzza are with us btw and there the best


What about me?? :frowning:


I am pretty sure you are as good too :slight_smile:


Did u still want help or does @Kalizzza got it


You are lol it cause you didnt commet whenever oen of the membes commet i say episode harmony can and the members that replied amd i say there with the fam


@Kalizzza got it


Sorry, you don’t have to make a background for me anymore


That’s fine I’m suuuuuper sorry I couldn’t get it to u