Calling all editors & artists! (Closed)

Hey people, so I decided to open an art shop because I know there is plenty of talented people out there! So, I decided to give others a chance to join! First two are accepted! Joining an art shop might benefit you because YOU WIILL improve your skills! Calling all editors and artists!

Password: oof

  • Free art (sorry comissionists) :pleading_face:
  • Up to 3 requests accepted
  • Active
  • At least be able to do 2 things. Example: Splashes & covers.

Oh yeah I am hiring two artists/editors because my shop is going to called, " The Three Musketeers" ~ :joy:

Hiring Form

Forum Name:
Instagram (optional) :
What you can do:
Written Character details & outfit:
Favorite color (for banners):
Character personality (for banners):

Answer below or Pm me/Dm me
My forum name: @nicollil
Instagram: @jhbutterfly67


Password: oof
Forum Name: sea_of_heart
Instagram (optional) : @episode.sofiaz
What you can do:

  • Covers
  • Splashes
  • Character detail card
  • Character outfit card
  • Banners
  • Profile picture (Not the best at it :innocent:)
  • Text overlays



Made for @/Aliciaboo13 :point_up_2:


Written Character details & outfit:

Female Generic Body // Rose 03
Arched Thin High // Black Dark
Long Straight Loose Solid // Black Dark
Deepset Upturned Wide // Brown Dark
Grecian Soft
Full Heart Pouty// Rose Light Nude Gloss

Favorite color (for banners): Purple / Blue
Character personality (for banners): Smart, sarcastic, “I will kill you if you ever hurt my friend” type

Also, I am going to sleep, so I won’t reply to you. But I am really active when I am awake :joy:

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Also, please tell me if I got in the group or not :pensive:


@blanche_writes check this out!

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Sure, thanks!

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Hello! If you still need anyone I’m going to apply anyways : )
Forum Name: winter 25
What you can do:

  • Splashes
  • Character cards
  • Outfit cards
  • Text overlays
  • And covers
    -but like I can do most of anything around that area : )



Character/ Outfit Cards

Everything else

Written Character details & outfit:


Body: Female soft
Skin tone: Neutral 02
Brow: Arched natural
Brow color: Chestnut brown
Hair: Long down wavy princess braid
Hair color: Dirty blonde
Eyes: Round medium
Eye color: Blue-green
Face: Heart soft
Nose: Round button
Lips: Full heart pouty
Lip color: Rose light nude gloss

Top: Diamond cutout strap thin cotton black
Bottom: Frayed cutoff shorts denim grey black
Shoes: Flat lace-up sneakers canvas grey black
Tattoos: Freckles heavy (04-07)
Accessories: Woven bracelet metal accents leather gray black

Favorite color: Grey/ Black/ Yellow
Character personality: Shy, nice, gets called smart all the time but is really not lol :kissing: :v:

:joy: :grimacing:

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Sorry gurl but I am not looking for more people at this moment. :pleading_face:

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@Nick, hon can you close this please?


You got it ! :fire_extinguisher::fire: :closed_lock_with_key:

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