Calling All (or any) Bisexuals 🤠

hey ya’ll! my name is phoebe and lately i’ve been dealing with a lot of internalized homophobia/biphobia. (for example having thoughts like i can’t be attracted to both guys and girls or that i can’t be attracted to girls, because i’m a girl).

i’m still in the closet so it’s not like i can go to my parents or siblings, plus i’d rather talk to someone who’s going through the same thing (or has gone through the same thing).

-also theses thoughts make me feel gross :smiley:

dm on insta if you’re bi and can help @michaeljackson_episode :cowboy_hat_face: :prideflag:
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While I’m not bisexual as a lesbian I can definitely get a hunch of what you are going through the fact that I had to blur the part shows how I’m uncomfortable with my own sexuality even to this day. Just know bisexuality is valid there is nothing gross about attraction (be it romantic or sexual). However that mindset might not be the easiest to apply when it’s subjected within you. My best advice would be to look around and admire the q*eer people around you ~ Sometimes the best way to fix deep-rooted issues is to start from the outside; once you realize you aren’t repulsed by them you’ll hopefully be more accepting of yourself (even if they do gross you out you’ll notice it’s not because of their sexualities)

Hope my comment wasn’t invasive ~ I wasn’t meaning to take up a space that’s meant for bisexuals but just to give my insight and hopefully an advice that may help you out! Feel free to contact me through pm or instagram dms whenever! All the best <3 you are valid and so is your sexuality


thank you!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:

and don’t worry you weren’t taking up space for bisexuals! i really could use dvice from anyone who’s LGBTQ+ :sweat_smile:

much love!! :heart:


I’m a genderfluid pansexual and here is my story. There was a girl and the second I saw her I started to get conflicted with myself. I was thinking what is happening. Three years later I came to the conclusion I was gay. Then I started liking guys again so I was confused again. At this point I thought I was bisexual. Again I was wrong because I realized I don’t care about gender or looks I care about love. Love is love what can you do? Five years after I met this girl I told her how I felt and she feels the same. I realized I was genderfluid because when I was younger I always wanted to be a boy but I also loved being a girl. I had been confused about this till six months ago. Everyone is very supportive and I hope this story helps you to be more comfortable and think about it in a different perspective.


Hey! I’m also bi, luckily I haven’t experienced any biphobia, but people ask me: am I more attracted to men or women? And for me it’s kind of like, sometimes I crave men, sometimes I crave women.
I’m mostly emotionally attracted to women and physically attracted to men.

I was confused over a year ago, some time after that I met a girl then we started dating which is how I got 100% sure. One month later I came out to my parents and brother. And my mum told all my aunts and I was so mad, lol.

you’re not gross

It wouldn’t surprise me if I will experience it some time. Don’t let if affect you cause you’re perfect just the way you are.

Sorry if I don’t make sense


Biromanticism (like bisexual but with romance, as I am asexual) is something I struggle with in terms of being content with myself. I flop back and forth between “maybe I’m just gay” or “maybe I’m just straight” and then get hit with yearning for a s/o of any gender and it throws me off.

Internalized biphobia is a tricky thing and super frustrating for anyone who has to deal with it. Just know that your sexuality is valid, and things can be a bit difficult with this sort of subject. There’s no need to feel ashamed of who you are, and life is a journey of acceptance.


thank you for sharing your story!! this helps so much!


I’m glad I could help and I wish you good luck on your journey.


i can relate to this because lately i’ve been having thought like maybe you’re just lesbian and are too afraid to admit it and it’s really stressful for me because i’m only 13 and it’s hard for me to know for sure if that makes sense. like i feel like i’m trapped because i’m too young to date anybody and make a decision. i hope that made sense and thank you for your message!!


thank you!! and don’t worry it made sense


That makes total sense! I get it. You have time to figure yourself out. (:


Hey I’m bi as well I just made this account you sound amazing but I don’t know who to tell my sister or parents hopefully you’re ok and I’d love to be friends


hi i’d love to be friends also!




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I’m a bisexual adult so if maybe you want an older persons perspective, feel free to private message me here with any questions.

Also, please try to remember that you don’t have to “be” one thing, and sexuality can be very fluid for bisexuals. And you aren’t signing a contract when you say “I think I’m bi/gay/lesbian” at a young age. You have no idea really what you will or won’t like as you grow into who you are. If you are attracted to girls and guys, that doesn’t necessarily make you bi either. You can appreciate the natural beauty of a person regardless of gender and not be sexually attracted to the girl you think is pretty or the guy you think is handsome*.

Again, I’m 30yrs old, came out as a teen and dealt with a lot of stupidity over the years… so if you need to talk, I’m here. That goes for anyone.