Calling all qld australians!

Hey y’all! So im from Australia, QLD and i would love to meet some more australians on here. And if anyone wants i think it would be pretty dope for us to meet up at a Maccas aha


Lol :laughing:

Check out this thread. There’s a poll at the top. Turns out most Aussie’s here on the forums are from Qld

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dude thats so cool! are you from qld?

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I wish :joy: Visited a handful of times though

oh ok lmao where are you from?

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Heyyy XDD I’m from QLD WOOO :clap::clap::joy:

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Hi there! I’m in Victoria but I’m gonna check out QLD one day!

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lmao awesome! pm me!

where in vic? im travelling to melbourne later in the year

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