🇸🇬 Calling All Singaporeans! 🇸🇬

Hey all! :smiley:

Thought I’d do this thread since there are for other countries as well.

I don’t think I’ve ever met any Singaporeans here on Episode so far so let’s be friends!

  1. So who’s here from Singapore? (Local or PR)

  2. Are you a Northsider, East Sider, Central sider, South Sider or West Sider?

  3. Things you like and dislike about our country.

  4. How did you come to know of Episode?

  5. What are your Episode Instagrams and your profile name on the Episode app?
    ~ Let’s follow each other :grin: ~

:singapore: Promoting Episode Stories by our very own Singaporeans :smiley:


@BadBoyBillionaireBBB aka TheBaddestBois (Epi App)



Hey o, I think we kinda talked about Singapore a bit before in a general culture thread somewhere

  1. So who’s here from Singapore? (Local or PR)
    Local, born and raised
  2. Are you a Northsider, East Sider, Central sider, South Sider or West Sider?
    Technically Southsider, since I currently live in Sentosa
  3. Things you like and dislike about our country.
    Like: variety of food (chicken rice and Hokkien noodles are especially tasty), the cool NEWater thing too
    Dislike: the way the heat gets too clammy at times, mosquitos
  4. How did you come to know of Episode?
    I used to play a lot of Surviving High School when I was younger, and Episode happened to be suggested as a similar app. A couple years later, I actually set foot into the Forums and then Writing some stories myself

Hey!!! :slight_smile: Oh we did? Cause I was searching abit ising different keywords but there’s not any.

Same! Local born and raised too!:grin::grin::grin:

Wait… Sentosa? Awesome! Thats so near me. I live near Mount Faber/Vivo city…so its near Sentosa.

Say, do you live at Quayside Isle?

I went to Sentosa a number of times actually lately during these school holidays for fun hahahaha. Esp the Sentosa Sandsation: Star Wars edition.

It’s so sad that some parts are going to be closed for 2 years and the giant Papa Merlion is to be demolished.

Agree with the chicken rice!! I shall recommend some places to eat in SG too :smiley: . NEWater… #AlwaysProgressingSingapore


That’ll be very cool, yeah

Anyways, I at least live around Quayside, and agree with you points too :grin:


Oohhh! Thats sweet too!

Cause the other day my froend and I decided to be adventurous so we took Bus B to explore the lesser known side of Sentosa to us haha!

Cause its always USS and the beaches…

Say, sorry to ask if you don’t mind… is there a school there at Sentosa if not where do you go to school? If ur not schooling anymore its alright haha.

Cause ur literally the first I know who live in Sentosa :grin:. And the very nearest to me…as a matter of fact. So thats awesomely mindblowing! And Sentosa: The place of fun…I cant imagine… a school there :thinking:


Oh, no there isn’t a school here that I can think of. I just go to a school on the opposite side of the island.


Sorry… you mean near Siloso the west or you go to the mainland Singapore? Opposite… ?

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Say do you go to international… autonomous or what kind of school? Your in Uni or?

If you dont feel like answering its ok no worries🤗

Cause I’m currently at Singapore Poly…final year… trying not to be stressed or severely under pressure with the amt of work coming… (secretly thinking how to juggle R4Rs)


Yes makes sense schools on Sentosa the state of fun should never exist… :grin:

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Yeah, it’s international, but yeah, so far that’s how far I want to answer lol. Final year of HS too.

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All the best for your final year!!! No worries i understand.

Cause Im lately thinking and looking at life and the variety of diversity of ppl :slight_smile:

We are both local born and raised hehehe. But the way we live lives is different. The variation of diversity :slight_smile:

Im all the way local and government schools.

Say ok enough abt school talk hahaha, where would you recommend the best places to eat be it in Singapore or Sentosa? I love being a tourist in my own country :yum::yum::yum::yum::yum:

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Well, in Siloso beach there is FOC, a Spanish restaurant, Super delish, as well as a Hawaiian restaurant Aloha way deeper in the beach.

Anywhere in Quayside is pretty neat too, especially the Chinese restaurant Blue Lotus

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Sweet! Will def add it to my list!

Anywhere on the mainland? :grin:

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Too many to count. But I would recommend anywhere in Chinatown Point or El Patio in Holland Village :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Are there any other Singaporeans or PRs ? :thinking:

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Hello! We’re also Singaporean :slight_smile:

  1. Local
  2. East Sider and West Sider
  3. Dislikes: The heat and humidity, it’s too hot here. Also, the crazy on-and-off rain that’s occurring now.
    Likes: The food, safety, peacefulness, how clean and green sg is.
  4. We played it in secondary school ahahaha
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Omg haha didnt expect you guys are Singaporeans!

So a shared account? Woah how you know each other if your both from opposite ends of the country? :astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished::+1:t3:

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Aahahhahahah! Yep!

I used to live in the west, but I had to move to the east :frowning: Lmao we’re still stuck as bffs

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Overall I’m impress we have a diverse range of Singaporeans hahaa.

I’m a South Sider.
We have one from Sentosa.
And now an East Sider and West Sider.

All we need now is a North Sider, Central Sider and the sides in between eg: North-East Sider :rofl:

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