🇸🇬 Calling All Singaporeans! 🇸🇬


i’m surprised there are singaporeans on the app and writing lolz

highkey inspired by earlgreytea yo

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What are the stories you guys wrote? We can share them all here to support the local episode community haha.


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Atlantis Rising and Lucid Wires

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Cool!! I was coincidentally looking at your website while you typed already hahaha.

Oh I thought you had another story that I’ve read before?

@CrystalKitty Hi there! Saw in the other thread that you’re from Singapore : D

@BadBoyBillionaireBBB @ParkLow_G

What are your Epi Instagrams and your profile name on the episode app? Maybe we could all follow each other :grin:

Ahahahaha we like to keep the allure~

Between Worlds (Limelight) is our only story at the moment. Although we would really want to write more, school smh… :frowning:

Our Insta Epi: @thebaddestbois and I think its The Baddest Bois on the app. We’ll definitely follow you!

JannahJackson is my epi profile also. You can follow me there. I don’t have an Episode related instagram… too lazy to create one cause I know I won’t manage it hahaha. Plus with only 1 story so it may seem redundant…

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Nahh Instagram really helps to market your story ahaha I really recommend it!

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Hi, I guess…

  1. Me, Local, born here too
  2. West Sider
  3. Uh… School, Hawker Centers and the food?
  4. Advertisements on youtube

Hey there nice to meet you!!!

Cool a West Sider. How long have you been playing Episode?

And do you have your own story that you wrote here on the Episode app?

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Hi… I’ve been playing episode last year but I quit during December and I just got back here a few weeks ago. And no, I don’t have a story on the Episode app cuz I was too lazy and felt bad about my results. I’m Sec 1 this year. WBU

Hahaha glad to have you back to the Episode Forum Community!

I’m currently in my final year Poly.

If you want to start writing stories you can share them, I’ll be happy to read if you have any.

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Aw thanks! Ugghhh Sec 1 is hard enough. Which poly r u from? (If you’re comfortable telling)

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Singapore Poly hahah.

It’s alright you can do it!


Hey there hahaha Can I check with you secondary schls are already on hols am I right?

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Say since you haven’t write an episode story before, why not try and join the writer’s contest?

Either the official one Kiss & Tell or even the fan run ones😁

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Ahaha my writing is bad tho LMAO

No worries haha. Just try. Maybe not for contest but for any topic ur interested in. Do check out the stories by other Singaporeans as well on the main post above. The other two Singaporeans are really good too so I strongly recommend you to check out their stories :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:

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