🇸🇬 Calling All Singaporeans! 🇸🇬

Okay! I actually just wrote a story its called “The Dahlmann Sisters” I’ll check the stories above out I don’t really know what to read on episode anyway.

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Sure. I’ll direct you to my thread. You can paste your story there as well :slight_smile:

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hey guys! 2020 is coming! In about 2 hrs plus.

Where are yall at now? The count down new year party? Siloso Beach party? :grin: (And if you guys are at any countdown parties, do send some pictures here hahaha esp the fireworks :smiley:)

What are your wishes and resolutions for 2020?

Hope you guys have an amazing and successful new year ahead!

@BadBoyBillionaireBBB @ParkLow_G @stuckinmyimagination

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At home, chilling with my family. I don’t really believe in resolutions hahahah but…

  1. Family time
  2. Do well in school and maintain good friendships
  3. Have no regrets
  4. Be more consistent in releasing episodes :’’’’’’’’’)



Happy New Year 2020 Guys!!! Ok 30 mins late but still okies hahahaha :joy::joy::joy:

@BadBoyBillionaireBBB @stuckinmyimagination @ParkLow_G

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OMFG I wished I could. I just turned 13 so I don’t think my parents will allow me to go out of the house for parties tho… How I wished I’m 19.

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Your birthday is on 1st January?

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No… I mean I turned 13 last year :joy:


How is your story coming along?

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It’s meh… Like seriously I wanted to write it but I realized that exams will start and so will school so why not just stop writing because I don’t want to get addicted to it… Sighhhhh

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1. So who’s here from Singapore? (Local or PR)
I’m a local although I already migrated to Australia

2. Are you a Northsider, East Sider, Central sider, South Sider or West Sider?
I’m from the north region

3. Things you like and dislike about our country.

  • Shops
  • Hawker centres


  • weather
  • not a lot of freedom on what we do

4. How did you come to know of Episode?
Saw multiple ads on youtube, download the app to give it a try

5. What are your Episode Instagrams and your profile name on the Episode app?
~ Let’s follow each other :grin: ~


Hey there Liv! Wow you migrated to Australia?:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: Thats awesome! Oh so by any chance are you still Singaporean or have converted to Australian citizenship? I don’t recall Singapore allowing dual citizenship is it?:thinking:

Anyways, how’s it like there so far?:grinning:Schooling still or working?

And what do you miss from SG that’s not found in Australia?

And north sider? Hahaah yess finally :grin::grin::grin:. Can check list that off the box :joy: as managed to find Episodians from each corner of SG.

And no to alot of freedom to do what we want to do? Ooh what do you mean by that?

Sos for the long list of questions😅 cause I find it interesting😁

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Yes! I’m still a Singaporean citizen but I am just currently living in Australia under PR (permanent residency).

I have been living in Melbourne for 6 years. As for Melbourne, it’s a beautiful city. I am still being educated in school.
I miss the tv shows that we have in Singapore because in Australia, there aren’t enough exciting and intriguing shows. Although, I really do miss the food in Singapore.

When I said how in SG, we don’t have a lot of freedom. I meant we aren’t allow freedom of speech and a lot of restrictions, i.e. chewing gum, right to protest.


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