Calling all small authors! Get a chance for ur story recognized! Submit ur story for discussion!

Everyone go follow @episode.bookclub7 on instagram!!! They have a group to discuss underrated stories!!! All you have to do is to follow them on Instagram and fill the form!!! Fill the form below to either recommend your friends story or submit your story for discussion!!


Good idea.

is this the same group there would said they would not read my story because I did not follow all the regriments. the only regemant I had not done was follow all in the club. which a I did find stupid. and B i could no where see who they were so how was I suppose to follow them

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This is a new group you need to follow only @episode.bookclub7 in instagram

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okay thanks

is there a limit to how many stories I can recomand because I done a lot of r4r and there was some gems between all the garbage(just kidding most stories where alright but not my style)

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As much as u want

But u must fill one form for every story recommendation

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I just hope I am sending the right links (els people have the title so i guess they can look them up)