Calling all SWY Stories! Up for R4R? G4G? (SWY STORIES only)

@ciaraxoxoc I have PMed you my screenshot(s) :slight_smile:

Thanks, did you wanna do a G4G as well? Or just a normal R4R?

Just regular :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Sounds good.

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Hi! Normal R4R is fine for me. :blush:

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Perfect, thanks.

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@Pollyotty I have PMed you my screenshot. Please make sure to send yours as soon as you can :slight_smile:

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SWY Stranded With You
Your stranded on a magical island with your ex. Will you be able to work together? Or will Nova will fall back in love with him? Non binary MC 1 LI LGBTQ
Genre Fantasy/Drama

Total episode 3

@adilistic.stories and @v.h_episode I have PMed you both my screenshot, please make sure to send yours once you have completed your part as soon as possible.


For some reason, I didn’t receive ss I think :sweat_smile:
Btw…I’m on the verge of sending my ss of yours :blush: