Calling all the Ll authors

Hey guys I’ve got a question for you guys. I’m writing the first chapter for my friend who’s a new author but I’m trying to use the sound alarmclock_beep and when I test it out, I can’t hear anything. I logged in from my phone and I still couldn’t hear anything.
Did the episode abandon Ll now or does anyone know what’s going on?

I’m confused but please let me know.

Ps I’ve tried it and still nothing.

Thanks :blush:


Hey Alima.episode,

Just tested it. It still works. The sound alarmclock_beep just worked when I tested it. The sounds come a few seconds later.

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Put this in ur script it should work

sound alarmclock_beep

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@Authormiaquestionacc is right. But it needs to be sound alarmclock_beep (otherwise it doesn’t work. :woman_shrugging:t2: )

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Oh ok. Maybe it’s me or my browser. I’ll try it again

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Oops didn’t realize I put that!!

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I just tried it and my volume is up but I still can’t hear anything. Maybe it’s my browser or something, idk


Ik for me sometimes it takes awhile to load. Also sometimes I need to Double Click to get the sound to play.

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Oh and you’ll see on the ss I just added into my post

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It looks like the “sound” label isn’t italicized so im not really sure what wrong

@Dara.Amarie could probably help. If you ask.

Isn’t what? I did it right, right? I mean I just watched Joesph Evans Sound&Music tutorial video

Italized, like this

Try putting the sound name like this


Ok, I’ll try. Thanks for suggestion

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I tried it but it just gives me an error and the file name isn’t in green anymore

Not sure but maybe it will work if you leave a empty space between 29 and 30 and space between 30 and 31. Idk but it might work

I’ll try but if nothing works, I’m gonna have to contact the episode team

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Tried and nothing. I’ll contact @Dara.Amarie for help


Have you tried to test it out via the Episode app, rather than the portal?!
Sounds tend to screw up for me via the portal too… so in order to check that they’re working correctly, I have to go onto the Episode app and check it through there instead.

But please note that you’ll only hear the sound on your phone if you have “silent mode” turned off, and the volume up.

If “silent mode” is on, you won’t hear it. (Even if you have your volume turned up.)

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No bc it’s not my story, it’s my friends and I’m just writing the first chapter for her bc she’s having trouble of starting it herself (even tho she watched Joesph Evans start here tutorial)