Calling Artists! - Cover Needed

Hi Everyone!
I am looking for someone to do a free cover for my new story. I really don’t have money to pay someone since I’m a broke high schoolers.I would love for it to be a realistic-looking art since it will be a cover that will make people want to read my story. I would like 2 characters on the cover. The main character and love interest. I would love for it to be a full-body art but I am also happy with a portrait or a bust up art. If you’re interested, please reply and I can also give you info privately on my Instagram @episode_maria28


bump! hope that you find someone :))

Thanks love!

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Hey there I don’t think u will find someone who does realistic art
I also semi realistic art but I do commission art but RN I m having an outline contest if u win the first place maybe I can draw u a cartoonish/semi realistic portrait couple since the real prize and s q character half body
Anyway if u wanna see

you can find people who draw for free here. I hope this helps!! :blush:

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So r u thinking of joining them please tell in the group u will join with the password

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Hi.Incase you’re interested there are just a few days left for my giveaway to end. The winner gets a Free realistic cover or art scene of their choice by me.

Thank you so much! Just entered!

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Hey, my episode group on instagram does loads of free art and other requests, you can request it on the link in our instagram.
It’s @epy_sunsets if you’re interested