Calling artists! Explanations (anyone welcome but I need experience)

Hola artists,

I’ll tag @C00kiez1999 because I love her art and she has inspired me to be a artist on the forums too! (I hope I haven’t disturbed you). I have done some work, but I need a couple of explanations, especially as I am also semi-new to writing:

What is a Splash?

What does commisioned or free mean?
(I know free means free but what about comissioned? BTW, I don’t know if I’ve spelled it right)

What does edited mean?

How do you do it?

What does drawn mean?

How do you do it?

When I say how do you do it, I mean what do you use etc. Here are some examples of my work;

I am not really an artist. But forgetting character without the character you could use the app Background Eraser. It is really good. I use it a lot.

Is it only for backgrounds or for avatars also?

I mean for like “cutting” out or erasing the background of a character.

I’m not an artist, but I do know that “commissioned” means that people request some form of art, the artist does it, and then the person who is receiving the art pays for it. So for example, if you were an artist who only took commissions, you could sell your splashes for $5.00. Any person that wants a splash from you would have to pay $5 to get one done. Does that make sense?

The Disclaimers in the beginning, for example Please be advised that this story contains sound and music etc.

Requests: people ask you for specific free art

Commission: You pay someone a certain amount of money to draw something for you

Someone crops out an episode character and makes an art cover out of it. Editing can go from simple cutting out to making custom poses by using episode screenshots.

Im not an expert, never did it, there are plenty of people in Share your Arts Edits etc where you could ask,.

Someone digitally draws an art cover for you

Using Art Softwares like Medibang, Procreate, Photoshop, etc. and in best option a special digital tablet. But you can also draw with a computer mouse.


Oh yes, Now I understand how everyone cuts out avatars from the background!

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Ibispaint X is also a great drawing app. Then you can ask use apps like Pronto for fonts.

You are right! Totally forgot it, but I don’t use Ibis Paint so thats maybe the reason for my clumsy brain.

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It’s fine! I use it so I remember it. I wouldn’t remember Medibang cause I don’t use it!

Thanks @CelestialMoon thats very helpful.

Thanks @Danielle318 I’ll be sure to get that app.

Thanks @princesscamden Now I’ll make sure I only ask for free, not commissioned!

If anyone does art, please PM me some examples, I would love to take inspiration/ideas from them, and also tell me how you you created them. I would appreciate it and when I start doing art for people, I will credit whoever helped me!


I did this for myself. So…yeah. But I edited out the characters and added in the word and background then a filter.

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Is that for a story your putting in the clue contest? What app did you use?

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I did this yesterday for someone.

No problem :smile: Im on my phone right now so it’s hard to send examples, but I mostly have all of them in the Share your Arts Edits Thread Part 3, in my Art Shop and some on my Instagram celestialmoon.episode. Two weeks ago I was using Medibang but now I have my licence back so that I can use Clip Studio Paint again. I also do not recommend buying a digital tablet when you don’t want to do art for a very long time and dont want to accept requests and commissions, they are expensive. (Mine costed about 400 Euro but there are even more expensive ones, but these are mostly for artist who draw since 10 years and do it as their job).

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Yea. I am putting it in the contest. I used Background eraser to erase the black background I had for the original character stuff. Then went into Ibispaint X and I put the character and background in. Then I went to Pronto and added the font. I posted it on my Instagram where the filter was from.

Thanks so much everyone!

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I really love the ones in the share your art groups, but I honestly never go there because there are waaay too many replies! :grin:

As a commission artist, I just wanted to let you know a small note about commissions, to remember that if at any point you start commissions in the future or order any, commission (paid for) art is not done in any episode style or using any episode assets. This is because the styles of ink/LL/classic etc and the clothing/tattoos and backgrounds/overlays all belong to episode so to sell art that uses them goes against the episode copyrights. You don’t find many people doing commission work on the forums mostly on Instagram and deviant art etc. But there are still a few of us on the forums.
Good luck with your art. You can find plenty of art to take inspiration from on the share art thread as someone has already mentioned, but remember to not trace or copy someone else’s work on there :slightly_smiling_face:
You might also like to enter some outline contests to practice your shading and colouring techniques.