Calling on christians

Lately I have really lost faith in God. I have been going through a lot of crap and I have been questioning him. So I want to know has anyone else felt like this and if so what did you do to get yourself out of this funk


I’m here if you ever need advice or to talk spiritually

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When I was 15, I lost my five year old niece, she didn’t die, but she was taken away from me. It was hard on me because she treated me as if I was her mother, because her real mother was kicked out of my house by my mother. My older brother one day just decided to take her from me without warning in front of me, and I felt as though he had just stabbed me in the back. Me and my niece had gotten close since her mother left and then all of a sudden my brother just took her away from me.

This was two years ago, and I’m still struggling with it cause I miss her so much, I still see her, but it’s not enough. And I’ve also cut off my brother from my life completely, and I don’t think he will ever come back into my life again.

I fell into a dark place, but all I did was pray to myself and God each night that things would get better, and they did, I just had to believe that God would help me and that he would give me the hope and faith that I needed, I also leaned on my friends for help (I didn’t lean on my family no matter how much I wanted to confide in them, mainly cause this is a family situation and I wasn’t comfortable talking about what happened with them) my friends were the best support I got and it has really helped me for the last two years.

Always lean on your family and friends, and don’t lose your faith in God. He will help you and answer all your prayers! He did it to me, he can also help you too.

If you ever need anything, don’t be afraid to PM me, I’m a good listener.


Hey MaysaC,

I am Catholic and I understand what you are feeling. I lost faith in God many times in the past, but I still believe in God, right now. For me I got out of this funk by (this sounds very cliche but it’s true) writing a story on episode. Search for a hobby, do something you like. And… don’t hesitate to ask for help, if you need help. If you need help you always can PM me or if you have instagram you can DM me @angelwings_1983.

Love A-W


Pray, don’t lose your faith and do things that calm you down. People say it’s not good to distance yourself from others but sometimes you need space. I like to be alone and listen to music when I’m down, as well as praying and reflecting. Good luck regardless. <3


okay first of all… never ever ever listen to people who say you shouldnt question things. it doesnt make you a “bad christian” or “irreverant”, it just means that youre able to think critically about complex notions and ideas. if something doesnt rest easy with you, lean into it and examine exactly what about it causes the friction. last, if you have a conversational/prayer-led relationship with God chat with him about it haha. we make prayers sounds really pretty, but in the actual text theres so so many that pretty much say “what the hell, life rlly sucks right now, kinda mad about it, still gonna chat with you tho”. rest easy, love


Yup. I think it happens to everyone. Then you wonder “My God where are you when I going through this?”. Sorry to judge you but it sounds like you don’t have God’s Holy spirit. We cannot give room to doubt. I had went through some health & relationship challenges that led me closer to God. So these things are meant to happen in your life to help you draw closer to God and depend on him only. You have to give your all for God’s all. You can’t just give 5% and then expect him to help you and give you his all. The Holy Spirit is just a part of God that he God gives you. How do we get his spirit? By constantly seeking him and moving away & overcoming temptation.
People think as you get baptized you get his spirit. Nope not true. He won’t just trust you just so with his spirit.
When you go through test, trials and temptation and overcome it then you will get it. Now, when you have his spirit then you’ll be able to over come everything that comes your way. Including the doubts you have. He’ll make your mind stronger and you’ll be able to handle situations better. You’ll have peace and joy that no man can take away from you. Things can be crashing around you and you’ll be calm.He will also give you the gifts of the spirit which is wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, Piety and the fear if God. (In 1Corinthians 12,You’ll find this).
How can I start if getting his spirit?
2) Be baptized
3) stay away from things that tempt you.
Do I really need to be baptized to get his spirit?
Baptism to me really means burying the old self/ giving up your old bad ways.
In the Bible says you can’t put new wine in old wineskins or the skins will burst and the wine will spill.
Therefore you can’t get God’s spirit if you are not clean spiritually at the inside (having malice, hatred, etc).

All in all, to encapsulate what I just said, just get/seek God’s Spirit and you’ll be able to overcome situations.
Hope this helps.


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