Calm Down..Mindfulness Exercises Here To Stop Stress!

Mindfulness is very important in all our lives to calm down and take a moment to stop stress, anxiety, and worrying. We all are a bit stressed in our lives when it comes to being late for school, or ripping your dress for your final performance. Some people feel stress & anxiety when they lose a loved one.

I created this topic because my yoga/mindfulness teacher taught me exercises to be chill and relaxed.

If you just can’t handle it anymore, here is the place to be.

Here are the steps to help you calm down and control your stress!

1. Comfortable Position

Being comfortable is what matters probably the most in mindfulness exercises. If you aren’t comfortable, you won’t succeed. The position that works the most, is a yoga position (I’m not saying downward dog!). Sit on a chair, any. Put your feet flat on the floor. Put your hands on your legs. Push your chair out a bit so you have space. Close your eyes. Take deep breaths.

2. Traveling Through Your Mind

I am going to describe something that you really have to think hard about. Take deep breaths and check in with your heartbeat while I describe. Have someone read this to you slowly and clearly.

Imagine a beautiful place, but it’s rainy and dark. Clouds are filling up the sky. There’s a storm. You’re sad and stressed; no one is there except for you. You’re lonely inside your own world. The storms are burning down trees. But, you believe and think hard enough that the clouds clear away. The rain stops. The sun comes out in a clear blue sky. You’re relaxed and happy. Your family and friends come to enjoy this sunny time with you.

3. Breathing

There are three parts of your body where you can take deep breaths. Your nose, your mouth, and your lungs. Choose one.

  • If you have chosen the nose, put your hand in front of your nose and get inside the comfortable position. Take deep breaths. Inhale: 1, 2, 3. Exhale: 3, 2, 1.
  • If you have chosen mouth, put your hand in front of your mouth and get inside the comfortable position. Take deep breaths. Inhale: 1, 2, 3. Exhale: 3, 2, 1.
  • If you have chosen lungs, put your hand on your heart (different…). Just breath slowly.

I hope these exercises have helped you calm down! PM me for more mindfulness and yoga anti-stress exercises.