Calm Music To Listen To While Writing your stories!


I am working on a story called The End Is Nigh, and it is very boring without music. So, what I did was listen to some non-distracting, Calm music while I wrote. And listening to this music, I was able to finish to episodes both with 1000 lines of code in 1 day. So here are all of the music I listen to work on my game. (Will be updated Regularly)


The first one (My personal favorite) is this:


The second is this:


It’s nice of you to share some relaxing playlist to listen to while writing :two_hearts:
I usually listen to my chill playlist (very original name lol) which basically consists of acoustic songs or slow love songs hahaha


Yes, I listen to music when I write, too-it’s a nice way to stay motivated, in my opinion : )
And my friend listens to it, too, when she writes :slight_smile:

Also, thank you for these suggestions!


Got you bro

You should listen to In Love With A Ghost, he makes really great chill music and he’s kinda underrated.

N u a g e s - Dreams

It’s Ok, You’re Ok - Bonjr

Ennja - Way

Hazy - Cosmo

I’m always tired, but never of you

(If you listen to any of these with earphones, OH MY GOSH you will honestly get amazing chills, take my word for it)


There’s one track that I love to listen to when I need or want to focus on something, like homework. It’s Moon Among Trees by Dennis Kuo. It feels a little sad and sentimental, but it’s beautiful at the same time in my opinion. I’m always laser-focused on something when I listen to it.

Here’s the track:

(Extended Version)


Lion Sphere - State of Mind

Childish Gambino - Sober


I just remembered that some video games that I posted on another thread involving our favorite games have some pretty relaxing/focusing soundtracks as-well. Planet Tabora’s Mining Facility soundtrack from Ratchet and Clank Going Commando came to my mind when I was thinking these types of music. There’s just something about it that always hits the spot for me.

This next one is pretty soothing in my opinion; feels like being outdoors in a peaceful, relaxing environment. Ironically, this soundtrack is called ‘Training and Focusing’ lol, but that’s Dragon Ball Z, in a nutshell, isn’t it? lol. I love this one, though. Really relaxing.

I know some more, but these are two that came to my mind just moments ago in addition to the one I posted before. :slight_smile:


here is a playlist I made on google play music for anyone to listen to!