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So, I tried my hand at edits for the first time, and they’re of the main character of an upcoming story I’m working on…nothing special, pretty basic, but I’m okay with how they came out, and they’re pretty fun! I’ll do Splashes or just normal edits for anyone who wants one! (I’m not comfortable with art scenes or covers just yet.)

All you need to do is fill out a basic form like this:

Splash or character edit? :

Gender? :

Character name(optional, for character edit)? :

Background? :

Pose? :

Character? :

Splash info/warning? :

INK or Limelight? :


The girl’s eye makeup is gorgeous :clap::heart:


Thankyou! The girl one is my favourite one aha. :heart::raised_hands:


Can you do art covers?


I could try, but it depends on what you’re looking for if you can give me some kind of example?


They look great!!!


Thankyou! :heart:


um just two characters back to back and a background like this:

i’ll give you more info


Sure I think I’ll be able to handle that just fine! Just fill the form out and give me some more info and I’ll start on it whenever I can. <3


ok i don’t really get the form but ill try (lol)


Just try your best, I’m sure I’ll understand and get the point aha.


Splash or character edit? : Character edit like the girl you did (which is amazing!)

Gender? : Female

Character name(optional, for character edit)? :

Background? :

Pose? : Back to back with the other character

Character? :

Splash info/warning? : “Back to back”

INK or Limelight? : Limelight
Hope this is fine


Gender? : Female AND MALE
(I’m so special).


Aha. Could you give me a fullbody picture of them? Just so I know what outfits they’re wearing, unless you don’t care about what they wear.


I just want the top (so they are back to back at the front of the screen)




Thx sm


Just wondering about when you are going to start making the cover (tack your time though I’m still on chapter 1.


Hey! Sorry about the wait, I’m actually make it now! I’m just making a custom art outro and your cover right now, if you’d like to see the work in progress and comment on it before I start to finish it? (I’ve only really edited the girl so far)

Also, would you like the cover to be large or small?


wow great! Um i’d like it large plz + I do want to see the progress but i dont mind