Cameo's needed!


Does anybody want a cameo in my story? I’m looking for 3 people, I need a NAME, WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE, (Skin, hair, ETC.) GENDER and OUTFIT. (My story is called She gets me…) The cameo’s will either be a best friend of the main character (ALISHA) OR a extra.
I really need some cameo’s, PLEASE!

Check out my story SHE GETS ME!

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Idk if you actually named your story this, but FYI there shouldn’t be an apostrophe in the word “gets.”


I know I changed it.


Episode harmony xab


I’d love to feature in your story! :blush:


Perfect! Whats the Name, what your character looks like, gender and outfit?


Here are my character details. As you can tell, my name is Winter and my character is female. :sweat_smile:

Outfit details-
Silver Pendant
Blue Beach Day Romper
Blue Beach Day Sneakers

~ :snowflake:


Perfect! Do you have any stories you want me to shoutout?


You could shout out my story Soccer Mom’s Blast to the Future. Thank you! :blush:


Perfect OK!


That good?


Yep! Perfect! :wink:


Ok, your in episode 1 and 2 of She gets me, You’ll prob be in more though.


Thank you. :grin: