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In my story, when my two female characters are talking to each other. For example, If Amber is talking i want the camera to zoom on her as she talks. When Vanessa responds to her, i want the camera to zoom in on her as she talks and back and fourth. I’ve seen it in a couple of stories. Can anyone make a template for this or help me figure out the zoom?

@zoom on x y to % in s
CHARACTER 1 (animation)

@zoom on x y to % in s

Something like this…

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You need to use the camera tool to zoom on the character. Once you do that paste the co-ordinates in the script. And before you move onto the next character, don’t forget to add @zoom reset. Then add the co-ordinates to zoom on another character then add @zoom reset at the end.

@zoom on 441 238 in 1 (this is just a example)
@/GIRL stands screen center

(add dialogues)

@zoom reset

You just have to continue!

Take help of the script @Arin provided you with :blush:

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There’s also a super easy way to do this, which can be used if you just want to zoom on a character:
@zoom on CHARACTERNANE to (percentage%) in (time)

thank you this helped alot!

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