Camera flash small area of the scene

SO I’m using a TV and need to resemble a camera flash on the screen without if making the whole scene flash… is this possible?

I did look on the forum but couldn’t find an answer so I am sorry if it has already been asked and I’ve missed it

I think you should make the entire background that isn’t a TV an overlay but I don’t quite get what you mean. Can you give a more detailed description?

Thanks for replying and I man that I want the flash to appear on the tv screen like a camera flash. But without it flashing the whole scene itself.

Maybe create an overlay by userself or download one in png? I’m not sure if I understand what you ask for, but this is an example of what I 'm referring to:

Ohhhhhhh now I see.
There are flashes overlays in the libary,
so just do
@overlay OVERLAY MOVES TO 1 1
Then save and preview.
open directing help -> overlay helper
And then scale down and move to it’s just on the TV and then play with opacity and time to make it look like it’s flashing