Camera following my character

How do I make the camera follow my character while she is running?

@follow CHARACTER to position in zone # AND CHARACTER does it while [running animation]

I don’t know if i’m doing something wrong but it’s not working. I put @AMETHYST to position in zone 1 AND AMETHYST does it while run_athletic_neutral_loop

You can only use the follow command if you use screen positions eg screen center etc
If you’re using spot directing you need to pan/zoom
&zoom on x y in zone # in s
&pan to zone # in s
@CHAR walks to spot x y z in zone # in s AND CHAR does it while animation

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My code which is 100%working:

@follow KATE to upscreen left in zone 2 AND KATE walks to upscreen left in zone 2 AND KATE is walk_neutral_loop

it is important to let the character to walk to same place as the follow comand otherwice it might look at the end like the character is pushed to side or so

you dont have the follow comand in your script

I figured it out, thank you all! :slight_smile:

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