Camera or Directing Help!

I am currently directing a scene where I have a top view of a bed as the background (which I have seen many authors use now). I have the proper placement for my character, however what I want to do with the scene is to have the character and blanket overlay ALREADY to go BEFORE the camera fades in? Each time I input my codes, I see a blank bed, then the character appears and THEN the blanket…I’d like it so that they are all there ahead of time before the viewer sees the whole scene if possible! HELP!

Everything has to be added at once, so for the overlays and character placement, use & instead of @.
And also make sure you’re adding the transition after you’ve placed the characters and overlays.

If you need further help, be sure to post your script.

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Oh my gosh it worked! Thank you so much for the help you are awesome!