Camera zoom work


Hello. I just have a quick question if someone could help me please. Is there anyway I could cut back to a specific spot for example I have @zoom on 238 165 to 176% in 3 in my script, then I pan to zone 3. Is there any way I can cut back to that specific spot and then have a character enter that spot from the zone 3? It’s still zoomed in, I just wanted the camera focus back to that spot


do you want to follow your character to that spot?


No, but if I have to I can


Okay you can try
@ cut to zone __ (zone in which the zoom is placed)
@zoom on 238 165 to 176% in 0
@CHARACTER walks to spot X Y Z in zone __


Do you want tp go back to the same zoom?
Then you just reuse the same zoom.
@cut to zone 1 AND zoom on 238 164 to 176% in 0
or what zone and zoom you’re using.