Camera zooms help!

Hey, so I saw in a few stories where the camera was moving while dialogue is going on. I was just wondering how to code this.

you need to use & with zooms

&zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 2
Narration here.


Thank you!

It depends if you mean specifically zooming, or just panning.

Panning will take you from zone 1 to zone 3… or to zone 2 [whichever you want and/or prefer].
Zooms are easy to mess around with, and panning is simply:

&pan to zone 3 in 8

Of course it doesn’t have to be 8 seconds, you can pan for however many seconds you like. If you want it slower… the seconds should be higher, if you want it faster… the seconds should be lower.

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Please I need help I’m trying to make my camera to zoom on each other
For eg
@character1 faces back
@character faces front
I want to make the camera to zoom on character1 face I hope you understand me

There’s a template that can help you in ink just take it from there and u should be good

thank you mi amigo

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