Camp Bridgewater (Main RP)


Campers are now arriving at Camp Bridgewater! Who knows what’s to happen in the shady woodlands of the campsite?


Those who haven’t yet submitted characters:


  • You must be online at a considerable amount of times in a week for the role play, preferably.
  • No bullying/harassing other people whether it is for their views, religion, race, sexuality, etc.
  • Please try not to force people to do things. It isn’t very fun when you micromanage everyone to make it go your way.
  • If you are talking OORP (out of role play), please signify that you are doing so by either using parentheses or //
  • Characters do not know if other characters are bisexual/gay unless they have been told by those characters.

I will be in control of if certain characters who disappear, though. But I can only make your guys’ characters disappear in the camp if you message me and say that it is okay, of course. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

Faceclaims/Character Info

We will be starting with campers arriving at the campsite, the counselors already being there.

Camp Bridgewater RP (SIGN UPS)

Alex Fernandez

I took a deepbreath, then gave my brother a big hug.
“Are we early?” I asked. Cameron said, " 'Course we are. Do you think our parents raised us to be late?". “I was even early as a baby, I was a preemie!” I laughed a little.


“I’ll give you a quick tour of the camp,” I said. “Wait, I think I see some other people coming!”


I quickly pop up and smile.”Hey, everybody!”I say, hands on my hips.”It’s your favoriteeeeee counselor!”I say, giggling.

ORP: @ShortSpaces


Clem sighed as he stood at the entrance of the camp, not wanting to be there. ‘This is a stupid camp. I hate how I had to come here. Why can’t I stay home? All alone? I know my parents will barely be home, am I really that untrustworthy?’ He thought.

Darren laughed quietly as Maia spoke. “You certainly seem happy.” He mumbled as he looked around at the different campers that were arriving.


“That, I am.”I say, smiling.”I’m sure you’re all gonna love it here at Camp Bridgewater!”I say, once again with a smile.”We have tons of activities here and I’m one of your counselors, Maia!”I say, introducing myself.

ORP: @HermanEpisode


Adria Bais

I know camp is meant to be in the woods, but this is kinda sketchy…
“Oh well…” I said. And trudged to the entrance to join the small crowd that had gathered.


I gasped in sarcasm, hoping to put a smile on the campers.
“Well, hi, Maia.”


Clem rolled his eyes with Maia’s words. He was beginning to think that he wasn’t going to like her. He crossed his arms as he looked at the other people who were to be fellow campers.

Darren, as a camp counselor, held his clipboard in his hand. “Who’s here? I need to write you down as here.” He said.


Alex F.
“Uh, here,” I said as looked down.


I glare at Clem.”You, need to stop being salty, this is a camp.”I say, crossing my arms.”Whether you like it or not, you are to be engaged with camp activites and follow instructions.”I say, glaring once more.

ORP: @HermanEpisode


Clem shrugged a little bit before looking off into the woods. Once he heard his name being called, he said, “Here.”

As he checked off different campers that were there, he then looked to the cabin arrangements. “Is Mason here?” He looked around with no answer. “I guess not,” He said to himself. “Serenity?”


“Here…”She says, slightly smiling, then rolling her eyes. She didn’t wanna be here, but she could hang with some people.


Adria Bais

A lot of the campers looked out of it. I couldn’t exactly blame them, if we were anything alike they’d been forced here.

“Here,” I mumbled, too deep in my own thoughts to bother articulating the word properly.


“All right!” I said as I stepped onto a rock. “First things first, let’s get things straight. This is not some creepy old broken-down shack in the middle of the woods where everyone dies.” “This is a beauty, with nature all around us.” After that, I slapped my forehead, realizing that last sentence was corny. "They must think I’m an old geezer."


Clem kept his gaze on the woods. Something in him wanted him to start wandering, to go into the forest and keep going until he got bored or found something.

Darren raised his hands. “And there’s rules,” He said. “Basically just don’t do what you can’t do at school. No boys in the girls cabins, no getting too…Feely, all that. You can have gum, though.”


“We should show them the tour. Let’s show them the tour,” I nodded to myself without getting any response from Darren or Maia.


Darren nodded in response to Cameron’s words. He put the clipboard to his side and looked at the campers that were there. “We’re going to show you all a tour of the campsite. The cabins, dining area, the lake and shed where the kayaks are, all that.”



“Follow me, guys!” I shouted. “Let’s vote on where we want to go first. I pick dining area.


Serenity and Maia
“I pick the cabins.”Serenity says, crossing her arms and rolling her eyes.”That’s not a bad idea, they could adjust for a while then we can go wherever.”Maia says, with a smile then exchanges a wink at Serenity.”What do you say, campers?”Maia says, putting her hands on her hips.

ORP: @ShortSpaces


Clem and Darren
Clem raised his hand. “I vote for cabins.” He said. At this, Darren glanced at Cameron before looking at the clipboard, figuring he’d have to tell them who were in what cabins.