Camp Bridgewater RP (SIGN UPS)


You’re going to Camp Bridgewater! A place where fun is to be had, besides the regular disappearances that happen there every summer. Get on your swimsuits and have some fun!

This role-play is for a teenage-based summer camp. It takes place on lake Bridgewater which is somewhat known for losing campers for unknown reasons. If characters know each other before the camp, make sure to put it in the form and to let the person who owns the character that they do as well. You may have a max of two characters. They may either be a camper or a counsellor. Besides disappearances, other things that regularly happen at camps will happen too. Apologies if this description isn’t too good. ^^’

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Main Roleplay (Coming Soon)

You must be available at least multiple times a week to be able to participate.

People who still need to submit their form:




Alrighty! Feel free to share this with other people if you’d like to. ^^








Signed up!


Reserve! :blush:




I signed up for another character! :blush:


When are you going to start the RP?


When all the people who commented submit their forms. ^^


Gotcha. :smiley:


I submitted


I added your character to the faceclaims/info slide


Thank you!


Is anyone else excited for this rp?


Me! When is it starting?


I wish we could start it now, honestly, but I’m unsure. I’d like to have the consent of the people who haven’t submitted a form yet before. Or we could just begin it with the campers arriving to the camp. What do you think?


I think we could begin with the arrival, so those who haven’t signed up can arrive at some point.