>>>>||Camp Full Moon|| <<<<< Sign ups <<<<<<


Bump. Can I reserve?




I submitted a form and will PM you my faceclaim!


OH. Yes.


I signed up. And my link for the FC wasn’t working so here’s my FC


Reserve a female








Hey, @UltimaW can I ask you to make a longer Backstory for Loo Fashionstine?


Okay can u send me her Face claim and her original background pls


It was a male by the way, what you put in the sign ups.

Backstory: He got made fun off at school because of his name

And, the FC didn’t work.


Oh okay I think I have it

Backstory : got bullied because of his name and 5 years later his farther had died in a car crash and 10 years later his mother did suicide and he lived with his aunt for a while in till he went to camp full moon



Know I remember were I got the name…I have a cat named loo lol


Will be starting soon. :smile:


Oh crap. Can I still make my characters even though this started?




Yus! ty.


and also @Coolepisodes what do you mean by “Comments”?

EDIT: signed up! When will I be able to RP or will I be able to RP?


Like, things you want to add, or plots you think will go great with it.

And, you can RP now, because not a lot of people are even rping at the moment, but I’ll be making your FC today.