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Camp Half-Blood RP

This RP is inspired by the Percy Jackson books and movies. In this the Percy Jackson characters have never existed, but some of the things they did have happened though.

Camp Half-Blood has been mostly uneventful for over a year. There have been no quests, and no prophecies, for over a year. Just at the beginning of summer, the previous leader of Camp Half-Blood has disappeared without a trace. Only a small circle of campers have any idea that there is anything wrong, while most just believe there is temporary change in leadership. Little do people know, the past year was just the calm before the storm.

Description of Camp Half-Blood

Camp Halfblood is a place where Greek demigods train for battles that may come and to stay safe away from any mortals or monsters that want to hurt them. The camp has magical borders which are enforced by the Golden Fleece, which is guarded by the dragon, Peleus. The main entrance of the camp is through Half-Blood Hill.

The half-bloods live in cabins (one for each of the twelve Olympians and now more for minor gods and goddesses) and eat in the dining pavilion. There is also an archery field, a sword fighting arena, a climbing wall, an amphitheater, stables, an armory, and the Big House.

Through this RP the characters will be able to interact in Camp Half-Blood like normal, but there will also be events. These events include camp activities, such as Capture the Flag, and quests. Quests will be bestowed upon a camper who will get to bring a couple companions. The quest could be to bring in a new demigod, kill a monster, or retrieve an object. We will allow suggestions for quests.

This RP allows for characters to be the child of any Greek god, or even be a type of creature. (Satyr, Centaur, etc.) Please reserve before signing up, and read all information completely.

RP Rules
  • Standard Roleplay Rules
  • You can use either 1st person or 3rd person
  • When going further than kissing, once shirts are off, timeskip or move to a pm. Don’t be descriptive with that stuff on the thread.
  • Unless it is something specific that characters have written, do not use “u”. Spell out the whole word “you”. The same applies for other words.
  • No lone ORPs on the official thread. Use the sign up thread for out of character chat.
  • You must ask us for approval of a god as a parent before you sign up. If you do not ask for approval first, your character will be rejected.
  • You can choose any Greek god/goddess or creature, but let us know ahead of time.
  • Don’t make your characters perfect! Give them flaws.
  • Make the characters unique!
  • Replies must be at least 4 sentences. Longer is better, but at least 4 is fine.

Here’s some links with helpful information for creating your characters.

For the abilities of the demigods, by parent:
Basic information on demigods:

Sign Up Form: Link

Faceclaims: Link

Availability List: Link This doc shows what gods/creatures already have characters/who owns the characters, and suggestions for gods/goddesses/creatures.

A bit more helpful information

Most campers wear orange Camp Half-Blood t-shirts and jeans or other casual/comfortable outfits. Some will wear leather armor in addition, especially while training, and most, if not all, will have their preferred weapon on them at all times.
All campers have a bracelet or necklace they wear, where the number of beads represent how long they have been at Camp Half-Blood. (Ex. Someone who has been at/been coming to camp for 2 years would have 2 beads.)
The new beads are given at the end of summer, designed after the most memorable event of the year.
Some campers are only at camp during summer, while others are there all year.
Everyone is assigned to a cabin based on who their parent is, except anyone who has not been claimed stays in the Hermes cabin.
Most demigods tend to die young, few live into their 20’s.
Monsters usually start to come after a demigod in their early teens. They have a scent that attracts monsters, the scent is stronger for children of the big three, and weaker for children of minor gods/goddesses.
Camp Half-Blood is located against the edge of the Long Island Sound.

A map of the camp is included on the cover of the Faceclaims.

This RP is starting at the beginning of summer. So the summer only campers would all be beginning to arrive for the summer, although for a few people, summer has not started so they have not arrived in camp yet.

This RP is made by both me and my real life friend @Gracers0113


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Camp Half-Blood RP - Official Thread
New Ideas Thread [PLEASE READ]

Could I make a daughter of Zeus (could she be the leader of the cabin?) and a son of Ares?

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Reserve for a female (Daughter of Ares)

If It’s allowed

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Yes you can! I will look over your child of Zeus more carefully, since Zeus is one of the big three. But you can make a daughter of Zeus and a son of Ares.

Yes you can!


Can I make a daughter of Hades? If so please reserve for a female. ^^

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Yes you can. I will look over your child of Hades more carefully, since Hades is one of the big three though.

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Okay perfect! For the daughter of Zeus, after I finish…if there’s anything you think I need to change please let me know.

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May I reserve for a son of Hypnos and a daughter of Tyche.

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Okay. Thank you.

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Yes you can! I was hoping people would actually want a child of some of the minor gods/goddesses

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Okay, the daughter of Zeus is submitted, hopefully I’ll get my other character in sometim this week.

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Awesome I will look her over now and as long as everything is good I will get her in the FCs asap

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Your character looks good. The only problem is that there isn’t a faceclaim. Can you send that to me on here or in a pm please?

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Can I reserve for one female ( daughter of Nemesis) and one male ( son of Aphrodite)?


Yes you can!

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Can I reserve a male (son of Hades) and a female (daughter of Apollo)?

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Yes you can! Like I said before, “I will look over your child of Hades more carefully, since Hades is one of the big three though.”

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Wow with the two characters I personally have made so far, both of them each have someone who has reserved to have a child of that god/goddess as well. :grin: along with 7 reserves aside from the characters already submitted so far. And this thread has barely been open for 3 hours so far.

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Well Brooke, you do make amazing RP’s/SG’s. :wink:

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Awwwww!!! That is the sweetest! So far this is doing probably the best of the ones I’ve made so far! Ive tried making a few before and they haven’t lasted very long before/haven’t gotten enough interest to survive long term. Hopefully this takes off and lasts a while!

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