Camp Half Blood: Siren's Cry - Sign-Ups and Chat

Camp Half-Blood: A Siren’s Cry

It’s been exactly 8 days since the destruction of New York. An unknown enemy lurks in the dark, and has toppled the stairway to Olympus.The Roman demigod’s camp is completely in ruins, Valhalla is fading, disapearing from existence, and the children of the Eygptian gods who were free to travel around the world have now found their monsters and demons actively seeking them out. Camp Half-Blood no longer belong to the Greek demi-gods, and tensions rise as children of the Eygptian, Norse, and Roman gods invade their space, making it cramped-and losing supplies unless they go for a hunt.

Hunts. They no longer get shipments from the outside world, and their magic fades, not allowing them to conjure food from the outside world as well. They have been completely cut off from the outside world. Select demi-gods now go out on hunts, traveling through the forest finding animals and taking them down, along with gathering plants from their fields, which had once bore only strawberries are now dotted with many different types of foods. A work schedule is established as well as a meal schedule, and of course your daily 3 classes (for those under 13) before you get your freedom. All the children, under 13, in the camp have a curfew before 8 PM unless on special events and everyone else, above 13, must head to their cabins before 10:30 PM.

This new routine has been carried out with a solemness and the once vibrant hills of Camp Half-Blood have now grayed and red blood spills on them as the others throw themselves into training. And the gods? Unheard from, exempt from the occasional claiming and weird events. Prophecies are non-existent as the last oracle has died. And patrons have now dwindled and the campers with patrons are sent on the most dangerous missions. That’s all until one day- a prophecy is spoken. A prophecy that affects everyone children of the Norse, Roman, Eygptian and Greek gods alike. Powers are fading and the memory of their parents are disapearing as the outer world is filled with fear. Now the campers of all the different sets of gods are forced to set aside their differences and discover who, and what force is able to take away the memory of the ancient gods, causing them to lose power and for chaos to overrule.

Please Read Through All before Reserving/ Signing-Up

Sign-Up Details

If you weren’t an official member of the last role-play then you are required to take the writing test. Even if you quitted, I’m still counting you because I’ve seen your work, and I’m nice. The list of members of the roleplay is found here:

Yay! No Writing Test.

@fal.renet1398 @Art3Miss @Sophia1233
@TheBluGeek @WritingAndRoses @Beth_Episode
@Kittenlove @CrazygirldY_dY_dY
@jdepisode @Caticorn @Loretha
@Kale @Alyssa_Epi @Rainyday
@EchoRavencroft @Bumblebree
@Cheshire.Cat @Conflicted
@AlexWrites @Luio

If you aren’t listed, then you are required to take the writing test, you may still reserve, but you may not sign-up until you are approved. Before signing-up, you must reserve a character. If it’s one of the Big Three (Roman and Greek-Wise), there are no spots left. Horus, Isis, and Set, and Odin, Thor, Freya, there are only 3 spots simply because they are the most powerful ones.

Powers for the Demi-gods are listed in the Helpful links section, there, you may see the powers you may choose from for your character. For Eygptian gods, it’s a little different, there’s a special link for you which takes to to the page “Path of the Gods.” There you will find the god-parent, and choose one or two types of magic as their power.

If you reserve multiple characters they must be Equal in both gender and set of demigods. For example, if you reserve one greek, you must reserve one of the Roman, Norse, and Eygptian gods before you can reserve another Greek one. If you have more than 4, than you have more freedom, but you must have a balance. The only exception applies to those who want to reuse or revamp characters from the last roleplay.

Patrons & How they Work

Anyone can have a patron, the roleplay starts off with two demigod patrons from each set of demigods. (2 for Roman, 2 For Norse etc. [Excluding @AnimeOtome’s characters]) in each set of demigods randomly chosen by me or Brooke. Having a patron includes having their brand burned into your skin, it hurts- no it burns for a few days, but after a good week you’ll wake to see instead of a burn there is a nicely done ink tattoo that glows when you represent or call upon the patron’s power. The patronage gives a character a minor, minor, minor power of their’s, or one’s that have been recorded given. Each character that’s choosen will have their creator pmed with the tattoo, the minor extra power (could be as simple as traveling to the Underworld whenever you want :woman_shrugging:), and together we will discuss how they gained the patron and nitty itty stuff.

Helpful Links

Sign-Ups Form

Writing Test


Demigod Power Assortments

Eygptian Demi-God Abilities



Clue Book


Relationship Docs

Background Info

Generally there are strong tensions between the demigods, Greek and Romans get along quite well, and Eygptian and the Norse ones are friendly. However with the others they are rather competitive and resentive. Your character most likely will not have any electronic capable of forming of communication, Roman demigods wear purple shirts, Greek wear Orange, Norse wears Green, and Eygptian wear Red or Black depending on their parent. (Red chaotic, Black Good.)

Anything that happened in the last roleplay hasn’t happened, and no Kara was not the oracle who died. She’s not even an oracle yet. Relationships might have to be remade or something.


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Roleplay Calendar + Info

A Google Calendar that reminds you of when sign-ups are due, the roleplay time changes, an event or prophecy is or will occur. You can follow it to have notifs sent to your device or just check the Sign-Up thread OP post daily. It will look like below:*

Me and Brookes (@littlefeets) can approve your reserves and writing test. Thanks for reading, peace and love. XOXO.


I don’t get this?

How do I sign up


yhea im a lil bit confused too. do i reserve for the son of daughter?


You have to submit a writing test, then you reserve for a daughter or son of a Norse, Greek, Roman, or Eygptian God and when we approve it you may sign them up.

@Sexy_Lil_Thang and @UnicornPlayz.Episode


Yes! This is what I’ve been waiting for!


Haha! I’m glad!


I submitted my writing test.

Are all the gods available to claim? I believe it was mentioned that there was a previous version of this RP so I just want to make sure whether we had to claim new gods or not.


What do you mean? You can reserve a child of one of the Greek, Roman, Norse or Eygptian gods. Right now, the slots of the Big Three, and other powerful gods are able to be reserved for a child for.


I have a question, I’ve never done a role play before but I know how it works and everything is that Okay? Also for the writing sample what do I write? Just start writing anything?


It depends on your skill level, but if you seen the rules and guides then you should be set to go :wink:

Yes, we’re just looking for a sample of your average or regular writing and style.


Oh, thanks. I just thought that some of the Gods had already been reserved from the last RP.

Should I reserve now then?


Yes, the children of the gods have been reserved, but currently there is no limit to any of them for the amount of children they have expect for the powerful ones which are mentioned in the Sign-Up details post.

Why yes, then let me know when youve submitted the writing test Blu :))


Can I reserve a child of Set, Hades, and Loki?


Ahh, missed it.

Yes. Although since Hades and Set are powerful gods then I’ll be looking ober them more closely and probably bad things of nature will happen to them because of their blood :face_with_hand_over_mouth: : @BlueInferno


Oh okay! I can’t do it right now but it will be done in no more than 3 hours.


Sounds good!


I’ll submit my writing test soon! But… Can I reserve Egyptian and Norse characters now?


Yes ma’am! What’re we looking at?


So we get a little look at whats being reserved:

Numbers and Parents Reserved

Frigg -1

Loki - Filled

Freyr - 2/3

Heimidall - 1

Idun - 1

Freya 1/3

Nephthys - 1

Sekhmet - 1

Thor - 1/3

Heimdall - 1

Isis - 2/3

Thoth - 1

Geb - 1

Serqet - 1

Ptah - 1

Tefnut - 1

Set - 1

Wadjet - 1

Anubis - 1

Bast - 1

Osiris - 1

Orcus - 1

Posiden - Filled

Zeus - Filled

Hades - Filled


Venus - 1

Ceres - 1

Mars - 1

Vulcan - 1


can i reserve greek and roman characters? im about to submit my writing test