Can a character get accidentally high?

Say, a character eats some brownies and doesn’t know what’s really in them… is it okay to show this character getting high? Like, seeing colors and acting in a way they wouldn’t normally act.

What are the guidelines on this? I know we have lots of mafia stories and stories that have weed and other drug references…

And if it’s okay for the character to get high, it can only be on weed, right? It can’t be hallucinogens? Just curious what the guidelines are.

Nothing happens unless someone reports your story
to try and prevent this you can

  • Give an option to skip or read the scene (in my opinion this is the better option)

  • Or you can let the readers know what they are about to read, and if they feel uncomftble they can exit the story

Again, your story wont be flagged unless someone reports it because episode does not sit there and read everyone’s story.