Can an overlay be put on the background "INT. BLACK - DAY"

I have an overlay with a transparent background. I’ve tried to put my overlay on the background “INT. BLACK - DAY” but it doesn’t show. I tried making it go to the front, but it didn’t work. The overlay works on other backgrounds. It’s fine if I can’t, I can work around it. Is it possible for an overlay to be on a totally black screen? Thanks.


Depending on the overlay itself, can you copy and paste your script, and show us what the overlay looks like?

No. You cannot use an overlay on INT. BLACK - DAY/NIGHT because it is such a tiny background. If you were to open it on the art catalog, you’ll see it’s a tiny square. I would suggest using either your own Black background, or zone 2 of INT. BLUE - DAY if you’d rather not upload your own.


Yup I have added 4or5 and more overlays and it worked easily

I also have this issue. I just used a different background. You could also make a large black overlay to put over another background if you liked the black.

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