Can any/everybody help me pick out outfit ideas for a classical concert?

My character is an independent person and she can be too clever at times. She is a refine society lady, very classy. The character can also be rebellious and sexy sometimes, too.

So, the thing is, somebody will ask her out to an orchestral music concert. My story uses a “trait theme” point system: Bold, Cunning, and Sweet.

May you please come up with three outfits that are:

  1. Bold, something you think a fancy, yet rebellious woman would wear,
  2. Cunning, something you think a woman of 100% high sophistication would wear,
  3. Sweet, something you think a very kindhearted but classy lady would wear to a music concert?

With this I think your own imagination is the way to go, nobody can have as good as ideas as you can! Especially as you know exactly what you want.

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Yea, but I’m worn out. I had created so mamy outfits that I can’t figure out anymore for the concert scene. I probably shouldn’t have made so many outfits. lol

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Thank you btw. :slight_smile:

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What about this one :blush:
I hope I helped

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It’s Ink. Thank you!

That is really cute! I was thinking about that dress between the bold trait and the cunning trait. lol

OOOHHH pretty~! :heart_eyes:
Thank you! these are so cute!

Thank you. That’s an awesome idea and I am grateful for it! I think I got an idea of the choices now. I will let both of you know when it’s done.

Alright! I got it. Thank you both! I was give both of you credit in my story. This is awesome.

It will be called Butler Until Midnight: Truth Behind Closed Doors. I’m still stuck on episode two, but I’m planning ahead. Once the third episode is complete, I will upload it and see who might like it. I am gonna need beta readers once it’s posted.

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: