Can any of you help me make this template?

I want a bg to change place with another one gradually so can you help me with this??
Pleeeaase :frowning::purple_heart:

What do u mean by this? As far as I know, u just use =

@transition fade in 1

@transition fade out 1

No I didn’t mean this but thank you anyway
What I meant was like when you change a day bg gradually to become night

U’d need either =

  • several overlays that u switch gradually

Or several backgrounds that change gradually (:

Well maybe this is the one thanks

Your welcome (:

I’ve never done this before but maybe what you could do is use the day one as the background, then upload the night one as an overlay, make sure the opacity is 0

then you could do

@overlay NIGHT opacity 1 in 1.4 (or however many seconds you want)

I dont know if itd work as I said I’ve never done it before but it’s just what came in my head

Thank you so much I’ll try it

Thaankkk yuu

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