Can any one help me with changing the eye colour mid story please?

@ RUBY changes eyesColor into BLUE DEEP
@ MAIN1 faces left
@ MILLY faces left
@ LUCY moves to layer 0 AND MILLY moves to layer 1 AND MAIN1 moves to layer 2

This is my script, im currently writing my story in LL and it’s telling me that the colour doesn’t exist. I’ve copied the name of the colour straight over from the create a character section so im super confused as to why it isn’t working

thanks in advance

Try maybe: Blue Deep

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thanks, it worked :slight_smile:
i can’t believe it was that simple, it had been stressing me out for ages

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I didn’t even know you could do that! If you do get it work, that’s awesome. But, if it doesn’t you might need to make another character that looks like the other one exactly except with the new eyecolor

No problem :smile::wink:

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i just saw your comment sorry, but yeahh it did work :slight_smile: if im right you can do it with lip and hair colour to

Can check out: HOW TO: Customize Characters


this is ace thank you <3

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No problem, happy to help :nerd_face: :revolving_hearts:

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