Can any one make me a cover


I will give a shout out who can make a cover for my storie Nerds Game by Slay_Queen


If you still are in need of a cove I would be more than glad to make it for you. Here is a link to my thread where I have examples up:


I’d love to! Please PM me or contact me @
And let me know if you have any question.

Claire M. :kissing_cat:


Title: Nerds Game
Author: Slay_Queen
Genre: Drama and Mystery
Description : what hallens when a nerd like you becomes irresistible. all hell brakes loose
Covers: i was thinking both large and small


I did the cover


If you are not going to use it why did you asked for it?


I made this for you remember?


I’ll do it! :grin:


I think you made her a small cover. I’ll make her a large one to go with it. :grin:


I am using it right now i just wanted to make different covers for the story and i didnt want to bother you with that


Um Ok!


I’ll have it up in a bit. I’m done with it. I’m just on the resizing part rn. :grin:




Well, I finished it sooner then I thought. Here’s the Large Cover. Hope you like it!



Thank you :heart_eyes:!


No Problemo! :grin: