Can anybody do some free cover art for me? (CLOSED)

Hey, I am writing a story called ‘The Girl In The Attic’ and really need a cover! It would help me out hugely if someone can do it!
You will, of course, be credited; both on my Instagram (@joewoodauthor) and on my story.


For the cover, I would like a girl (caucasian and with long blondey-brown hair) in an attic, with her head in her knees (crying, if possible!)
STORY NAME: The Girl In The Attic (in a cursive font please.)
AUTHOR NAME: Joe Wood (in a cursive font as well.

Is it possible to have both the small and large cover art done (for free).
You would be hugely helping me out, and will, of course, be credited for your work.
If you are interested in making me a cover, please DM me on Instagram (@joewoodauthor) OR send it to me via this forum.

Thank you so much!

Drawn = Realistic:Commission, Semi-Realistic:Commission, Non-Realistic:Probably Commission
Edited = Free

You have to look through open art shops to find free drawn artists if u want them (:

Your welcome, let me know here if u need a list of open art shops (: