Can anybody make me a cover?

I’m looking for a cover for my story! There is no title needed btw. Also, obviously credit will be given! Just list your instagram <3

My cover contains the male MC and female MC. They are both wearing formal outfits (you can make them.) Just make sure they’re standing together and posing.


Male MC:

Body- Male Athletic Body (Color is Gold 03)

Brow- Straight Medium Scar (Color is Black)

Hair- Short Side Part Curly (Color is Dark Black)

Eyes- Narrow Almond Deep Sunken (Color is Blue Deep)

Face- Triangle Defined Chin

Nose- Male Generic

Lips- Medium Heart (Color is Beige Gold Matte)

Female MC:

Body- Female Generic Body (Color is Gold 02)

Eyebrows- Arched Natural (Color is Deep Brown)

Hair- Sleek Ponytail (Color is Medium Brown)

Eyes- Female Generic (Color is Hazel)

Face- Heart Soft

Nose- Round Button

Lips- Full Heart Pouty (Color is Pink Beige Matte)

Background: City in the night time!

Thank you :slight_smile:


Here’s a link to some art shops. You may have a better chance of requesting from one of them


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omg thank u!!

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check my ig @darksun.epi and if u like my art i’ll gladly make u one even tho it’ll take time

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Hey there Valerie, If you still want an art cover I could make them for you.

Sure! :slight_smile:

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Can you pm me on Instagram, so I could get some more details? My Instagram is @Nicolette_episode


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I have pmed you <3

Shop:pipers free art shop
check out my art shop its takes me about an hour or two to get it done