Can anybody make me a drawn cover using this picture?


I can do it…what’s your time frame thou?

I don’t mind, probably 2 weeks as long as it gets done

Oky…You can request at my art shop-

So that I don’t forget about it :sweat_smile:

sure x

i can

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Do u have any examples??

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well i can do splashes and edits
and outlines
my edits are some what decent like
image not mine btw

images below are mine

my drawen stuff aren’t backup since i have a new phone :woman_shrugging:


could do you do the first one in a drawn version w/ the bg??

what first one btw

As in the outline of the girl with the red top winkin’?

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sure i can make an outline

Could it be replicated into the pic i want for both the guy and girl??



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do you want a pose for the guy also what’s the story name

Could you have the guy hold the side of her waist with his hand?? Im gnna add the title as an overlay so dw about that, just need the title and maybe u could have the girl hold her finger to her lips as if she’s tellin ya to hush, as if its secret

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Hope u get what i mean

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Can u make me a profile pic instead with the girl finger over her mouth like shes tellin u hush, another person completed my cover request, thank you!