Can anybody make me cover and splashes (can't pay)!

Hi there!
So I need a free artist and i want him/her to make me splashes and story cover but i am so sorry i can’t pay but i can help you in your story like coding , plot etc…
Also if he/she would like to make art scenes for story i would appreciate it but its not compulsory and umm i am participating in new contest stuck with you…
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :relaxed:

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Feel free to check out my art shop!


I can do if you want then

My art shops can do them (I don’t have the link sorry, you’ll have to search them)
Galaxay star art shop
Dark love art shop

We can make one for you if you want :innocent: just submit your request here

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I can make them for you :yay:

Thank you all well I requested in another art shop :relaxed: but I will need a lot of help further as I am thinking of adding art scenes in my story so thank you all lot!